NHS reform: can your doctor be trusted or not?

In what may be my most read post to date, DLA Disgrace, I discussed the shameful process that our Government inflicts on the disabled people in our community. It is outsourced to ATOS – ‘an international information technology services company’.

Do you know what this means?

It means the Government does not trust your doctor.

How so?

Well, until the Government started paying ATOS to do the job, they trusted your doctor’s evidence that your disability was as you were claiming it to be.

Not any more. The Government would rather trust ATOS.

Surely, if doctors provide false declarations on behalf of their patients, they should be named and shamed and punished just as severely as those ‘disabled’ people who fiddle the system? Wouldn’t such an outcome deter rogue doctors from providing false evidence?

For some reason, we don’t read about these doctors. Yet they must exist or we would not need this inhuman ATOS technology for the Government to rely on instead.

Given this, is it not strange that, this week, a new law has come into force whereby Primary Care Trusts (sic) and Strategic Health Authorities have been replaced by several hundred ‘Clinical Commissioning Groups’ run by – you’ve guessed it – your doctor?!

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